Design Center

Our In-House Design Center is the Foundation of a Great Structure

Multi-story facilities are more aesthetically pleasing than standard, single-story buildings. They allow you to incorporate more stylish design elements, such as brick, stucco storefront glass and different door and trim color choices that blend in well with the urban environments where multi-story self storage buildings are predominantly located. Having a well-designed self storage facility that matches the character of the surrounding neighborhood is also vital to winning approval and support from local zoning boards and city councils, as well as the resident and business in those neighborhoods who will be your customers.

BETCO has a dedicated team of professionals who specialize in the design, construction management and site management of multi-story self storage projects. With our Statesville, NC manufacturing hub and our Charlotte, NC Design Center, these services are executed all from one source.

Benefits Include:

  • Individualized attention to your project and its details
  • Specialized in multi-story self storage design, foundational planning, construction management and site management
  • We work closely with your design engineer and architect
  • Coordinate optimal cost efficiencies related to manufacturing and installation

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