Multi-Story Self Storage Facilities Provide Multiple Advantages

As land costs rise, it becomes increasingly difficult for self storage business owners to justify the construction of single-level storage facilities. Going vertical with multi-story construction not only allows you to add more rentable square footage, but also enables you to focus on adding aesthetic details that make your self storage facility more attractive, which in turn helps increase occupancy rates.

Multi-Story Self Storage Gives You Benefits You Can Build On

Unlike single-story self storage buildings, multi-story facilities are more attractive to investors and tenants alike because they include features such as:
  • Premium rental rates for owners
  • Faster and more convenient space rental
  • Signage can be placed high on building for maximized visibility
  • Ability to be built on infill areas
  • Can be built on smaller parcels
  • Stylish design elements like brick, glass and stucco that blend with neighboring office or apartment buildings
  • Climate-controlled protection of customer's property
  • Elevators that make moving belongings easier
  • Higher levels of security

Discover the Benefits of Working with BETCO.

When you choose BETCO as your partner for developing a multi-story self storage facility, you’re working with a single-source manufacturer that’s been a leader in the design, manufacture and installation of self storage buildings since 1984.

NOTICE REGARDING THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT (ADA): Customers and Tenant End Users who access facility access points and storage units via the Nokē ® Access SmartPhone application(s) will be able to use an Apple iOS SmartPhone or Google Android SmartPhone in order to do so. Additionally, Tenant End Users will have an option to use a Nokē ® Key FOB in the case they do not have or do not want to use a supported SmartPhone. The FOB alternative to the SmartPhone option can be made upon request to BETCO at any time.