Multi-Story Self Storage

Multi-Story Self Storage Buildings Are on the Rise

The self storage industry is currently experiencing a revolution as more and more investors realize the potential of multi-story self storage buildings located in urban areas rather than the sprawling, single-story facilities often seen in the suburbs.
Why Today’s Investors Are Moving Up to Multi-Story Self Storage Buildings:
  • Higher land costs
  • Limited land availability
  • Less configurable land space

Where a single-story self storage building generally covers 3 to 7 acres, a multi-story facility can fit on 1 to 2 acres. This makes multi-story self storage facilities more attractive where property is expensive, such as densely populated, retail-oriented urban areas. Even in rural areas, homes are being built on smaller lots with less room for storage sheds and garages. The inability to store belongings on the property has led to a marked increase in the demand for self storage space, especially in residential areas within 3-5 miles of a self storage facility.

These factors make multi-story self storage facilities a lucrative opportunity for commercial investors, entrepreneurs, architects or anyone looking for a healthy return on their investment.

One Multi-Story Self Storage Manufacturer Stands Above All the Rest

Since 1984, BETCO has constructed more than 60 million square feet of storage buildings and has become the premier single-source self storage building manufacturer. We also have our own Self Storage Design Center with an in-house design team to help you plan, design and build your multi-story, self storage project.

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NOTICE REGARDING THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT (ADA): Customers and Tenant End Users who access facility access points and storage units via the Nokē ® Access SmartPhone application(s) will be able to use an Apple iOS SmartPhone or Google Android SmartPhone in order to do so. Additionally, Tenant End Users will have an option to use a Nokē ® Key FOB in the case they do not have or do not want to use a supported SmartPhone. The FOB alternative to the SmartPhone option can be made upon request to BETCO at any time.